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Stargate Atlantis Fiction

I arrive bearing fic.

My favourite kickass chicks to write for are inevitably those who can physically kick ass, although I have a soft spot for the ones who can talk/think their way out of a tricky situation, too.

Hence, this story.

It was written for the femgenficathon in the fandom of Stargate Atlantis, the kickass chick being Teyla Emmagen.

TITLE: Winners And Survivors
AUTHOR: Tielan
SUMMARY: In the midst of a set of 'war-games' in Atlantis, Teyla discovers that Ronon has changed the rules on her. Sometimes a leader's gotta do what a leader's gotta do.
CATEGORY: gen, action-adventure, drama, humour
CHARACTERS: Teyla, Laura Cadman, Ronon, John; Rodney and Elizabeth have cameo roles.
DISCLAIMER: These characters aren't mine and I'm making no money from them.
NOTES: Set late Season Two/early Season Three. Written for the femgenficathon for the quotation I was assigned: "Winning may not be everything, but losing has little to recommend it." --Diane Feinstein.

She was questioning her sanity in ever agreeing to this. She had never seen war as a game.
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