The Sisterhood of Hot Chicks Who Kick Ass

Because "tough, independant, smart chicks = HOT!"

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Do you like strong, independent women in film, literature, theatre, and television? Are you one of the people who cheered out loud when Eowyn took out the Witch King? If so, this is the place for you!

Tell us about your Kickass-Chick-Crush and just why she kicks ass. Gush over her utter fabulousness. Tell us what makes her utterly hot to you! Share fanfic, fanart, whatever.

And she doesn't even have to be human! If you want to come in here proclaiming the utter coolness of Nala or other such characters, go ahead!

From Princess Leia to Xena, this is the place to worship all our favorite hot, tough fictional chicks.